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David Wardle(brief bio) David Wardle works as a Professor of Soil and Plant Ecology, and his research explores the links between aboveground and belowground communities and their consequences for ecosystem functioning. Much of his research is field based, and includes work in Swedish boreal forest and subarctic tundra, and forests in New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere. Current projects focus on ecosystem impacts of invasive biota; consequences of wildfire; ecological changes across successional, retrogressive and elevational gradients; aspects of island ecology; and the ecological role of forest understory vegetation. He has authored two books on aboveground-belowground linkages (published by Princeton University Press in 2002 and Oxford University Press in 2010), and around 230 peer-reviewed journal articles of which around 20 have appeared in Science and Nature. He serves or has served on several editorial boards, including Science, Ecology and Ecology Letters. He has also been designated as a highly cited scientist (in both the 'old' 2001 and 'new' 2014 lists) and as among the world’s 20 most cited scientists in ecology and environmental sciences, and is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand and a Wallenberg Scholar. 




Current Position:
Professor of Soil and Plant Ecology
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Academic training
Professional activities and recognition
Current PhD students and postdocs
Former PhD students and postdocs
Contact information

 Academic training:

1990: PhD in Soil Ecology, University of Calgary, Canada
1986: BSc (first class honours), Canterbury University, Christchurch, New Zealand

 Professional activities and recognition:

Current Editorial work:
Science - Board of Reviewing Editors (2009-)
'Biodiversity, Communities and Ecosystems' book series, Springer, Editor (2014-)
Journal of Ecology - Editorial Board (2013-)
New Zealand Journal of Ecology - Editorial Board (1997-)
Ideas in Ecology and Evolution - Editorial Board (2008-)

Previous Editorial work: 
Ecology and  Ecological Monographs - Board of Editors (2005-2013)
Pedobiologia - Editorial Board (1998-2014)
Ecology Letters - Receiving Editor (2001-2006) 
Soil Biology and Biochemistry - Subject Editor (1997 - 2002)
Biology and Fertility of Soils - Editorial Board (1999 - 2002)
New Zealand Journal of Ecology - Chief Editor (1998-2003).

Adjunct Positions:
Adjunct Professor - University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Affiliate Professor - University of Alaska at Fairbanks
Research Associate - Landcare Research, Lincoln, New Zealand
Recipient of a 'Wallenberg Scholar' award, 2011-2015 
Recognised by ISI as a "Highly Cited" researcher in the field of Ecology/Environment, both on the 'old' 2001 list and the 'new' 2014 list.
Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand (NZ's academy of the sciences); elected 2003.
Recipient of an inaugural SLU 'Excellence Award' (2006), NZ Ecological Society annual award (2001), NZ Association of Scientists Research Medal (1999).

 Current Postdocs and Ph.D. students advised or co-advised:

Jordan Mayor (postdoc). Project: Ecosystem-level changes across elevational gradients.

Xavier Cavard (Postdoc). Project: 'Linkages between fire history and ecosystem processes on islands in Lake Duparquat, Quebec'. 

Nathalie Pluchon (PhD student). Project: The influence of wildfire-derived charcoal on ecosystem carbon storage and fluxes (advisors: D. Wardle, M.-C. Nilsson, P. Kardol and M. Gundale)

Bright Kumordzi (PhD student). Project: The ecological significance of within-species leaf trait variability (advisors: D. Wardle, M.-C. Nilsson and M. Gundale).

Jonathan De Long (PhD student). Project: Aboveground-belowground linkages in northern boreal and subarctic communities (advisors: D. Wardle, M-C. Nilsson, E. Dorrepaal and R. Giesler).  

Babs Stuiver (PhD student). Project: Effect of understory vegetation on forest regeneration and response to disturbance (advisors: M.-C. Nilsson, M. Gundale and D. Wardle)

Anna Henriksson (PhD student). Project: Biotic resistance: Influence of species richness, saturation, and resistant species (advisors: G. Englund, J. Yu and D. Wardle; based at Umeå University)

Signe Lett (PhD student). Project: Moss traits predicting climate-warming induced forest expansion across tundra habitats (advisors, E. Dorrepaal, M.-C. Nilsson and D. Wardle; based at Umeå University)

 Former Postdocs and Ph.D. Students advised or co-advised:

Maja Sundqvist (PhD student 2007-2011; postdoc 2011-2014)

Ciska Veen (postdoc 2011-2014)

Mel Durrett (PhD student, defended 2014; advisors: C. Mulder and D. Wardle)

Gregoire Freschet (postdoc 2011-2013)

Andrea Vincent (postdoc 2012-2013)

Stef Bokhorst (postdoc 2011-2013)

Johan Asplund (Postdoc 2011-2013)

Guillaume Bay (PhD student 2008-2013; advisors: M.-C. Nilsson, D. Wardle and U. Rasmussen)

Anne Tomlinson (PhD student, defended 2013, advisors: J. Beggs, D. Wardle and P. Johnson)

Benjamin Jackson (PhD student 2007-2012; advisors D. Wardle, M.-C. Nilsson and D. Peltzer).

Paul Kardol (postdoc 2009-2011)

Zhanfeng Liu (postdoc 2010-2011)

Sheel Bansal (postdoc 2009-2011; advisors M.-C. Nilsson and D. Wardle)

Micael Jonsson  (postdoc 2006-2009)

Fujio Hyodo (postdoc 2007-2009)

Camilla Esberg (PhD student 2006-2010; advisors R. Giesler, B. Graae and D. Wardle)

Hiroko Kurokawa (postdoc 2005-2007; advisors: D. Wardle and D. Peltzer)

Fiona Dearden (PhD student 2003-2007)

Helena Dehlin (PhD student 2002-2006; advisors: M-C Nilsson and D. Wardle)

Katja Ilmarinen (PhD student 2002-2006; advisors: J. Mikola and D. Wardle)

Tadashi Fukami (postdoc 2003-2005; advisors: D. Wardle and P. Bellingham)

Kate Orwin (PhD student 2000-2004; advisors: D. Wardle and L. Greenfield)

Wendy Williamson (postdoc 1999-2002)

Duane Peltzer (postdoc 2000-2001)

Lena Jonsson (postdoc 1998-1999; advisors: M.-C. Nilsson and D. Wardle)

Juha Mikola (postdoc 1998-1999)

Fabienne Charpentier (postdoc 1995-1996)

Lab rotation (visiting and collaborating) Postdocs and Ph.D students

Gregory Crutsinger (Ph.D. student, University of Tennessee, USA) (2007)

Ruth Gregg (Ph.D student, University of Lancaster, UK) (2006, 2007)

Enrique Doblas-Miranda (Ph. D. student, University of Granada, Spain) (2005, 2007)

Christien Ettema (Postdoc, Wageningen University, Netherlands) (2002)



(1) Bardgett, R. D. and Wardle, D. A. 2010. "Aboveground-Belowground Linkages: Biotic Interactions, Ecosystem Processes and Global Change". Oxford University Press (Oxford Series in Ecology and Evolution).

(2) Wardle, D. A. 2002. "Communities and Ecosystems: Linking the Aboveground and Belowground Components" Princeton University Press (Monographs in Population Biology series).

ALL PUBLICATIONS (Google Citations) - click here


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(commentary here and here).

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(commentary here)

 Contact information:

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